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Around the world, millions of people are battling alcohol and drug addictions. It is estimated between four percent and seven percent of the total adult population in any country meet the criteria of an alcohol or drug addict. In the U.S. alone, twenty million people suffer from alcohol and drug addictions; there are over ten million alcoholics and drug addicts in the UK and Canada. In fact, fifty percent to 90 percent of those who seek help and successfully complete their treatment relapse within a year.

The challenge of preventing relapses among people who successfully complete their treatment has been researched and debated around the world. Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu devoted over seventeen years to researching the issue and developed an innovative approach to substance abuse treatment. He established an alternative recovery system that fundamentally changes the mindset of the patient. In How To Stay Sober, Dr. Nzuzu gives practical guidance to people who are determined to overcome their alcohol or drug abuse disorder to ensure they remain clean and sober even after their treatment is finished.

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Emmanuel Nzuzu

Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu the author holds a PhD in Psychology from Capella University, USA, and a Mater’s in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College, Florida. Dr. Nzuzu has a wealth of experience in working for the public good, as he has worked as a high school teacher, law enforcement officer, business consultant, and University Professor. Currently, he is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Certified Addictions Professional who is practicing in the state of Florida. He specializes in counseling alcoholics and drug addicts, hence his passion to pen a book on alcoholism and drug addiction. Dr. Nzuzu is also a specialist in stress management and empowering people to live worthwhile lives in their families, workplaces and communities.After supporting people with alcohol and drug abuse issues using traditional approaches for years, Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu became increasingly frustrated with these methods’ failure to empower alcoholics and drug users to stay sober long-term: “It was heartbreaking for me to see that after all the effort people put into their treatment and recovery, they did not have the skills to maintain their sobriety once their treatment was completed. Every time they relapse, their families are utterly devastated, and the patients feel like a complete failure. Even worse, their relapse undermines their confidence in their ability to stay clean in the future.”